Vanuatu Game Fishing Records
Club records have been compiled from available results and competition weigh-ins.
Records are available for men, women and junior categories in the following kg line classes:
1,2,4,6,8,10,15,24,37 and 60 kgs.

Only claimed records are shown in the records. All other categories are vacant.

It is the responsibility of individual anglers to notify the PVGFC committee of a record claim.

To be eligible the fish must be weighed on certified scales and witnessed by a PVGFC Committee Member.
Records can only be claimed by PVGFC members or IGFA affiliated members from overseas.
Fees are as follows:

Existing PVGFC members - VT1000
IGFA member or member of IGFA Affillliated club - VT2000
Non-Member - VT 5,000 - Includes PVGFC membership and record claim.
This fee covers registration of the first record - subsequent records are VT1000.
Record Claim Form - click here  
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Bigeye Tuna
Black Marlin
Black Whaler Shark
Bluefin Trevally
Broadbill Spearfish
Bronze Whaler Shark
Dogtooth Tuna
Giant Trevally
Hammerhead Shark
Kawakawa Tuna
Mahi Mahi
Mako Shark
Pacific Blue Marlin
Rainbow Runner
Skipjack Tuna
Striped Marlin
Tiger Shark
Yellowfin Tuna